John Deere 3038E vs. 3039R

El 3038E y el 3039R son equipos fantásticos. They share a number of similarities but have a few key differences, too. We'll go over those differentiators to help you make the right decision for you and your property.

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ESPECIFICACIONES John Deere 3038E 3039R John Deere
Key Specs - Engine power (gross) 27,4 kW
36,7 hp
SAE J1995 rated power: 28,5 kW
38,2 hp
38,7 PS
Key Specs - Power take-off (PTO) power 22,4 kW
30 HP
PowrReverser™ transmission: 24,4 kW
32,8 hp
eHydro™ transmission: 22,2 kW
29,8 hp
Key Specs - Standard transmission; forward/reverse Transmisión hidrostática (HST) PowrReverser transmission
Key Specs - Hitch type Categoría 1 Categoría 1
Dimensions - Wheelbase 1593 mm
62,7 pulgadas
1727 mm
68 in
Dimensions - Turning radius without brakes 2,9 m
9,4 ft
2,8 m
9,2 ft
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Las similitudes

While the 3038E and 3039R exist right next to each other in John Deere's 3 Family lineup, there are actually few similarities between the two tractors. Both will serve you well throughout their lifetime and you can expect the same quality both in their performance as well as their serviceability and longevity.

Differences Between the 3038E and 3039R

The 3038E and 3039R have a few key differences that will likely influence whether you choose one over the other.

Horsepower - With slightly more horsepower than the 3038E, the 3039R puts out 38,2 gross horsepower, making it one of the more powerful compact utility tractors available.

Transmission - The 3039R is available with two different transmission options, the PowrReverser™ transmission, and the eHydro™ transmission. The eHydroTM option provides superior control and driving dynamics compared to the standard 2 range hydrostatic transmission available in the 3038E.

Size - The 3039R is a significantly larger tractor, coming in at 3005 lb compared to the 2038E’s 2668 lb weight.

Lift Capacity - The lift capacity of the 3-point hitch is also much greater on the 3039R at 2194 lb compared to the 3038E’s 1356 lb.

Operator Station - Unlike the 3038E, the 3039R is also available with an optional ComfortGard™ cab station.

Which one is right for you?

There are a few clear distinctions between the 3038E and 3039R that could influence your decision when choosing between the two. If you're interested in a more sophisticated tractor to handle a wider range of tasks, the 3039R is the clear choice for you.

In addition to its improved power delivery thanks to the transmission options, the 3039R is also capable of dealing with larger loads and more material at once thanks to its greater weight and lift capacity. The 3039R is also available with a covered cab station, which may be important if you plan on working rain or shine.

However, for many applications, the 3039R may be more tractor than you need for your property, so don't pass over the 3038E completely. If you're more interested in a light-duty tractor that can perform well with a variety of attachments during more typical chores around your homestead, the 3038E could be a better choice for your budget.

If you still need help deciding which tractor is right for your farm, get in touch with our equipment experts by calling or visiting your nearest Papé Machinery Agriculture & Turf location.