John Deere 2032R vs. 2038R

El 2032R y el 2038R son equipos fantásticos. They share a number of similarities but have a few key differences, too. We'll go over those differentiators to help you make the right decision for you and your property.

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ESPECIFICACIONES 2032R John Deere 2038R John Deere
Key Specs - Engine power (gross) 23,3 kW
31,2 hp
Potencia nominal SAE J1995
At SAE J1995 rated power: 27,4 kW
36,7 hp
Key Specs - Power take-off (PTO) power 18 kW
24,2 hp
22,7 kW
30,4 hp
Key Specs - Standard transmission; forward/reverse Transmisión hidrostática (HST) Transmisión hidrostática (HST)
Key Specs - Hitch type Categoría 1 Categoría 1
Dimensions - Wheelbase 172,5 cm
67,9 pulgadas
1723 mm
67,8 pulgadas
Dimensions - Turning radius without brakes 3 m
9,84 ft
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Las similitudes

The John Deere 2032R and 2038R share many of the same features and characteristics, which means they are both great options for many home and property owners.

Along with their similar features, like their lift capacity, hitch types, and transmissions, you can also expect to get the same high-quality product that you’d expect from one of America’s leading equipment manufacturers.

Differences Between the 2032R and 2038R

Despite seeming so similar on paper, there are a few key differences between the 2032R and 2038R.

Horsepower - The 2038R is the more powerful tractor with 5,5 more gross horsepower and 6,2 more PTO power than the 2032R.

Size - The 2038R is designed with a heavier, more stable frame, coming in at 2910lbs compared to the 2032R’s 2436lb weight.

Which one is right for you?

Both tractors are capable of being your single tractor solution for your large property or small homestead. With attachments that include lawn and turf care as well as material handling attachments like backhoes, there's little that these 2 Series tractors can't handle for a homeowner.

If you're in need of a compact utility tractor with maximum stability for this size category, the 2038R is going to be the best choice for you. The heavier frame and overall weight will help to counterbalance the tractor while lifting and manipulating heavier loads and attachments.

If you still need help deciding which tractor is right for your farm, get in touch with our equipment experts by calling or visiting your nearest Papé Machinery Agriculture & Turf location.